1. News Flash
  1. sprinkler-system

    SACWSD Investigating Low Pressure in the Reunion Area Irrigation System

    SACWSD is investigating low pressure in its irrigation system in the Reunion area. This is a result of the District receiving numerous inquiries from residential customers related to pressure issues in their own private irrigation systems. More Information...
  2. KidinSprinkler

    FREE Sprinkler System Audits and Inspections

    Let your lawn thrive with a free sprinkler consultation! Visit ResourceCentral.org/Sprinklers or call 303.999.3824 to sign up for a Slow the Flow consultation today, and learn how you can save water on your lawn while keeping it green and healthy. More Information...
  3. Postcard WSP Cover

    Softened Water is Now Flowing!

    Softened water is now flowing throughout the SACWSD! Customers should adjust in-home treatment systems to the new District hardness level of 7gpg. Residents will enjoy more consistent water quality and numerous other benefits: Less scaling Energy savings More Information...