1. News Flash
  1. Woman hand giving glass of fresh water to child in the park

    Have you adjusted your water softener since the new softening plant came online?

    If you haven't you may be over softening your water which can waste salts and water, or lead to corrosion of plumbing. For more information...
  2. Construction Work Area Ahead

    CIPP Project Information

    Work began on the CIPP Project on June 6, and is expected to last 180 days. This project is essential to maintain and improve the District wastewater system. For More Information and impacts of the project...
  3. Construction Work Area Ahead

    2022 R&R Project Information

    Starting June 20, construction is set to begin in the area of E. 72nd Avenue to the north, E. 70th Avenue to the south, Quebec Street to the east, and Monaco Street to the west to install new water mains and replace service lines in the area For More Information and impacts of the project...

Check out the video below for information about the water softening process at the Ennis Water Softening Facility