Collection System


The District's wastewater collection system consists of over 300 miles of sewer mains (pipes), ranging from 8" to 30" in diameter. These pipes convey wastewater from homes, businesses, and industries to the Williams Monaco Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The majority of the system operates by gravity. However, 12 pump stations operate where flows must be lifted uphill. The stations are equipped with duplicate pumps and emergency power generators. Preventative maintenance and daily inspections keep the pump stations in top operating condition.

Do Not Pull Manhole Covers to Drain Stormwater

Stormwater entering the collection system due to pulled manhole covers can overwhelm sewer pipes and the treatment plant. Click here to read a letter to residents addressing this hazard.

Sewer Main Cleaning and Inspections

Sewer main cleaning and inspections are part of an on-going program to keep obstructions from blocking wastewater flow.

Mobile equipment, utilizing high-pressure water, clears obstruction and scours debris from the mains. The cleaning operation continues daily, weather permitting, resulting in complete system coverage every 1 1/2 years.

Closed-circuit television is sometimes used to locate and identify problems, and inspect the physical condition of the sewer mains.