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Posted on: September 26, 2018

Irrigation Season is Ending and its Time to Winterize Your System


As fall approaches and temperatures drop it is important to prepare your irrigation system. Taking the steps to properly weatherize your system could save you from damage from freezing pipes and costly repairs. Regardless of whether you have a separate irrigation system or a traditional irrigation system, you must drain the entire system once the water source has been turned off. In a traditional system, the shut-off valve is probably located inside your home - usually in the basement. Draining the system may not be enough. Water often stays in the pipes and the sprinkler heads. When that water freezes, your sprinkler system can be damaged, and in need of expensive repairs the next spring. To prevent damage from frozen pipes, “blow-out” your entire irrigation system with an air compressor. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, please call the professionals - they will use the recommended pressure to push the water out of the pipes and the sprinkler heads from each zone. Most landscape contractors provide this service. Remember also that your trees need special care in the fall and winter months. Be sure to deep-root water your trees and shrubs by hand once a month throughout the fall and winter months. Some shrubs and trees need to be wrapped to protect them from frost. Spread a layer of mulch around the base of plants to provide insulation for the winter. Early autumn and spring are the best times to prune some types of trees, but consult with a professional arborist who will know the best approach for your specific species. For assistance on shutting down your irrigation system a detailed instruction video is available on the District website: The separate irrigation system will be turned off on October 15

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